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  Abnormal Growth Self Titled Album Cover
Abnormal Growth - Self Titled
Released: 1987
Recorded on a Tascam Porta One 4-track, this 60-minute cassette only album, which also included a plethora of Clay Butler’s disturbing artwork, created quite a buzz throughout the Sonoma County music community despite the fact that the band had only played one live show at the time. The wide variety of styles on the album - from the thrash metal of “Saturday Morning Cartoons” to the acoustic “Yuppie Blues” to the demented electronica of “Eyemaschitzo” - prevented the band from being pigeonholed into any one genre. They found fans in punks, metalheads, aging hippies and rebellious LSD-taking preppies alike.
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  Abnormal Growth Let's grow Some Crosses Album Cover Abnormal Growth - Let's Grow Some Crosses
Released: 1988
Let’s Grow Some Crosses, likewise a cassette only ablum, was even more “all over the map” musically than its predecessor; including among other things, semi-serious forays into country/blues (“American Man”), a rap song (“Shit On Toast”), and some intriguing acoustic interludes. Even though LGSC was loaded with plenty of raunchy fun and silliness, some of the band’s lyrics began tackling more serious matters, as evidenced in the anti-military-industrial-complex mosher “Go Joe”.
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  Abnormal Growth Best Of Album Cover Abnormal Growth - Best Of
Recorded: 1989, Not released
A selection of songs from the self titled "Abnormal Growth" and "Let's Grow Some Crosses" cassette only albums re-recorded in a 16 track studio. The band sent the package off to New Jersey where it was slated to be released around the end of 1989 on Richard Riegler’s Mephisto Records label. Unfortunately, Mr. Riegler suddenly and inexplicably quit returning the band’s calls and disappeared soon thereafter - quarter inch master tapes, artwork, and all. Thanks to the internet it's now available to all.
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  Abnormal Growth Healdsburg Album Cover Abnormal Growth - Healdsburg
Released: 1990

Healdsburg was arguably the band’s critical high point. Tighter than ever and recorded in full 16-track clarity, Healdsburg made the case that Abnormal Growth was not to be written off as a novelty act and could, in fact, rock with the best of them. The lyrics took aim at the usual suspects - caustic yet humorous jabs at fundamentalist Christians (“So Much Fun”), juvenile delinquents (“No Reason”), and yuppie scum (“White Bread”). Musically, the band covered the usual ground and more, including funky hard rock, folk rock, and ventures into jazzier areas.
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  Abnormal Growth Brutal Album Cover Abnormal Growth - Brutal
Recorded: 1991, Not released
In mid-1990 Tim "I don't need this band" O’Keefe abruptly quit, leaving the band once again without a drummer. Keyboardist Robert Reid was becoming a more active contributor to the band, and rather than waste time auditioning complete strangers, a decision was made to have Robert and Clay alternate between vocals and drumming. The result was a more mature mix of *GASP* mainstream pop, traditional Abnormal Growth genre bending social commentary and political satire, and experimental weirdness. Many Bay Area clubs were quickly switching over to the “pay to play” policy, something the band steadfastly refused to do - so aside from a few cameo appearances at the Old Vic, there weren’t a whole lot of opportunities for live gigs. Combined with the usual hassels of maintaining a band the group didn't record again until John and Clay got together in 2003 to lay down tracks for as yet to be released album.
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  Abnormal Growth Boombox Sessions Album Cover Abnormal Growth - The Boombox Sessions
Recorded: 1986 on boombox, Not released
As raw as it gets. This recording is not just's buried a mile deep in a deserted mine shaft! John played guitar and Clay banged on the "drums" (a makeshift kit comprised of a beer keg, Kelly Moore paint buckets, a green plastic laundry basket, and miscellaneous metal items) while a boombox recorded the "first track". This track was then played through a Crate amp while John and Clay screamed into another boombox that was sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. Kind of a half-assed ping-ponged two track session.
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Abnormal Growth