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This was the last album recorded on the Tascam Porta-One. It was recorded at many locations. Crowtown Studios One (John's parent's garage), Crowtown Studios Two (Mike's grandparents shed), Crowtown Studios Three (Clay's parents house), Crowtown Studio's Four (Paul Baker's house...he had a baby grand!!!), and Crowtown Studios Five (Jason's mom's trailer...out in the Dry Creek area of Healdsburg in the middle of nowhere) Jason's drumming was so loud that when we tried to record it at Crowtown Studios One the neighbors kept calling the cops. Can't say we blame them.

"The Plague Swept Through The Commune" (a completely improvised song recorded in one take) was the first song recorded for the album in January 1987. The writing and recording of the album picked up steam in December 1987 and was completed and released on March 8, 1988

Album Title: Let's Grow Some Crosses
Released:1988 Label: Crowtown
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