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Bummed that Tim quit, the band continued to persevere and write more songs. The band tried to find a replacement at drums, but had absolutely no luck. Wanting to record new material and promote the Healdsburg album, Clay and Robert decided to split vocal and drum duties. The album was recorded and mixed at Northern Lights Studio between October and November 1991. The album was mastered at Prarie Sun Studios in March 1992. This album was never released...until now.
Album Title: Brutal
Recorded:1991 Label: Not released
Download Whole Album
1 Snow White MP3 | Lyrics
2 What Was I Thinkin’ MP3 | Lyrics
3 Nothing MP3 | Lyrics
4 I Guess That’s Love MP3 | Lyrics
5 Riding The Bus Is A Privilege MP3 | Lyrics
6 Ego A Go-Go MP3 | Lyrics
7 Pity Hound MP3 | Lyrics
8 A Tale MP3 | Lyrics
9 Man Who Would Be Queen MP3 | Lyrics
10 Sunny Day MP3 | Lyrics
11 Where Did She Go MP3 | Lyrics
12 Take Me Away MP3 | Lyrics
13 Achtung Janna MP3 | Lyrics
14 That’s Not Me MP3 | Lyrics
15 Jim MP3 | Lyrics
16 Illustration 56 MP3 | Lyrics
17 Fascist Fashion MP3 | Lyrics
18 Middle MP3 | Lyrics
19 I’ve Got Mine MP3 | Lyrics
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